Today a fashionable tourist destination, Valencia offers a good combination of old traditions and modern life. It is strategically positioned in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, across the sea from the Balearic Islands.

Due to incredibly varied scenery and a mild climate, throughout history Valencia has been considered a place of interest by all civilisations which looked out over its splendid sea. Indeed Valencia benefits from an exceptional artistic and historic legacy: a gem left by the ancient Romans who founded it in 138 BC.

However, this city is not only famous for its culture. The pleasure-seeking side of Valencia is evident in its lively night life: bars and restaurants, dancing and theatre, with distinctive illuminations that light up the buildings and areas of interest, as well as its pleasant climate, tempt you out on the town into the late evening to make the most of your free time. Also, Valencia’s excellent local dish is not to be missed: paella!

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