Rome is the eternal city. The capital of Italy has thousands of years of history and a glorious past, you breathe-in still today, like nowhere else in the world. Rome fascinates, surprises, entertains and captivates with its numerous and tangible traces of the past. It moves forward because of its radiant citizens who became the famous prototypes of the Italian people, as you can see in Federico Fellini’s films in the 1960s. It is virtually impossible to draw up a list of all places of interest of Rome, as around every corner you will encounter a church, an archaeological site or a square: the Coliseum, the Roman Forums, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Church, the Trevi Fountain and the beautiful squares of Navona and Piazza di Spagna.

To describe the fascination and the prosperity of the Italian capital or its extremely lively cultural and night lives is difficult. We, with our daily flights, can merely offer you the chance to enjoy the Roman “dolce vita”, whether you are going to Rome as a tourist or on business.

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