Geneva is a border city, elegant, refined and completely cosmopolitan with an international flavour: Swiss and French culture live next to each other, impeccably amalgamating with many other cultures. It is therefore no surprise that the city hosts the headquarters of a number of global institutions such as the UN (United Nations), International Red Cross, International Labour Organization, and the World Health Organization.

Geneva also hosts a wide array of events that have become world famous, such as the annual International Automobile Salon, which attracts thousands of tourists each year to enjoy the city’s particular beauty and its events.
So, apart from its modern aspects that are strongly directed towards the future, Geneva is also capable of giving its visitors a lot more: relaxing moments on the shore whilst listening to the whooshing of its famous fountain, le Jet de l’Eau; shops that sell luxury goods Made in Switzerland; a high level of cultural life with an international touch; picturesque corners and trendy squares for a hot tea or a cold drink. This and much more is awaiting you in Geneva.

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