Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adria Airways Switzerland offer onboard catering?

Depending on the duration of the flight, and the time of day, on each of our flights you will be served onboard catering.

Can I smoke on board the plane?

Smoking on board our aircrafts is prohibited.

How can I book a flight?

Your ticket can be purchased via our website, our Call Center or our authorized travel agencies.

Online, all you need to do is insert data such as the departure and destination airports and the date and time you wish to travel. Select the flight that best suits you, and the system will calculate the total cost, including taxes and additional fees. The first item you book, you will be given the possibility to register your profile. After inserting the details of the credit card, you will have purchased your ticket.

Check your e-mail in-box: you should have received the purchase confirmation. Print it and present it when you check-in.

Adria Airways Switzerland’s Call Center

Experienced and friendly staff will answer questions and book the flight that meets your travel requirements.

At the travel agency you trust

Thanks to Adria Airways Switzerland’s presence on major computerised booking systems, your travel agent will be able to tell you about Adria Airways Switzerland’s schedules and fares, as well as purchase a flight ticket for you.

What is the latest time prior to departure that can I buy a flight ticket?

Up to 30 minutes prior to departure at the Adria Airways Switzerland ticket counter at the airport, or via the Internet up to three hours prior to departure.

Is my credit card data secure?

To ensure the security of credit card information when you book online, we use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is currently the preferred method to securely transfer credit card and other sensitive data over the Internet.

If your browser supports SSL, please select the Secure Mode option when making payment, and all your details will be protected. If your browser has restricted capabilities then you can use the non-secure mode, but we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of the browser to allow you peace of mind during any further transactions.

What are the taxes and supplements?

In addition to the fare passengers have to pay for the following:
- For every ticket bought: all taxes, fixed duties and add-ons imposed by the Government or other authorities (usually an airport), relative to the passengers or their luggage, or for the use of all the services provided.

- For any reservation booked via call center a service fee is applied, CHF 30.- / Euro 25 per person per direction or via web 5 EUR / 5 CHF. These fees are not refundable.
When you buy your ticket you will be advised of taxes, fees and charges not included in the fare, most of which will normally be shown separately on the ticket. The taxes, fees and charges imposed on air travel are constantly changing and can be imposed after the ticket has been issued.
If there is such an increase, you will be obliged to pay it. Likewise, if a new tax, fee or change is imposed after your ticket has been issued, you will be obliged to pay it. Similarly, if taxes, fees or charges you paid when the ticket was issued are then abolished or reduced so a lesser amount is due, you will be entitled to a refund.

Why can’t I find the promotional price or the price I am interested in on the online booking system?

Depending on the date you book and seat availability of the flight you want, we apply different fares. To obtain better prices, we suggest that you book well in advance.

I have a voucher. How May I book ?

For booking, please contact the call center via telephone or e-mail.

Are pets allowed on board?

Carriage of dogs and cats is subject to our approval. They must be properly crated and accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit. We reserve the right to determine the manner of carriage. The airline allows a limited number of pets in cabin on each flight ( please contact our call center for more information at the following number +41 (0) 91 208 70 80)
The maximum number of animals carried on a flight is two.
The maximum permitted weight, including the container, is 8kg, the total dimensions cannot exceed 115 cm (sum of length, height and width) and will not be included in your free baggage allowance but will be regarded as excess baggage, for which you will have to pay the applicable fare. For further information, please go to Terms and Conditions, §10.9

Do I have to pay for carry my pet onboard?

Yes, here below you can visualize the service tax per route. The payment must be made in advance. Before the departure of the flight calling Adria Airways Switzerland call center or your Travel Agency . Here below you can visualize the service fee for each direction.

Destination MAX Allowance Price
Europe 8kgs CHF 70.00 / EUR 65.00
Flights from Europe to UK 8kgs CHF 270.00 / EUR 230.00

Is it allowed to transport animals in the hold?

The transport is allowed only on domestic flights when operated by Saab 2000 and on domestic or international flights when operated by ATR 72 -500. Here follows the scheme with the indication of the service fees per direction:

Destination Price
Europe CHF 120.00 / EUR 110.00
Rest of the world excluding US CHF 240.00 / EUR 230.00
US CHF 300.00 / EUR 280.00

What are the limitations to the amount and weight of baggage I can take?

For any passenger, with the exclusion of the “infants” that have the right to check-in 10 Kilos of baggage, the limit for the hold luggage is 23 kilos and only one piece of cabin luggage in Economy. For the Premium Economy the limit for the hold luggage is 2 luggages x 32 kilos each.

For charter flights, please refer to the conditions applied by the Tour Operator

I have a connecting flight. What I do with my luggage?

For Adria Airways Switzerland’s tickets in connection with other partners and for other airlines’ tickets, the check-in until the final destination is allowed only for the baggage but not for the passenger. Nevertheless we suggest you to get some information before the check-in. From other airports: kindly contact our Call center.

What are the sizes and the maximum weight for hand luggage?

If there is excess hand luggage, especially when the flight is fully booked, it may be that it has to be loaded in the aircraft’s cargo hold. Before boarding, the passenger is asked to leave his hand luggage in front of the aircraft, a special baggage tag will be attached and the passenger will be given a receipt. On arrival at the destination the passenger will collect his hand luggage immediately after leaving the aircraft.
At airline’s advise
Depending on the aircraft capacity and following the airline’s advise, the luggage will be boarded in the “hand luggage hold” and consigned to the passenger at the arrival directly alongside.

What do I do if my baggage is lost and / or damaged?

As soon as you have noticed the damage or the misdirection of your luggage, go immediately to the “Lost & Found” office at the destination airport and report the facts before leaving the arrival area.

I have to carry a firearm. Do I have to pay a surcharge?

A supplementary fee per person and per direction is asked to Adria Airways Switzerland from Airport for private customers that intend to transport a weapon on our flights. The amount of the supplement is :

Destination Price
Europe CHF 60.00 / EUR 55.00

Exception: Military Forces and Police don’t pay the fee.
The person that wants to bring a weapon can eventually declare it at the moment of the reservation paying the specified amount, per single leg, though our call center.

What do I do if my flight is cancelled?

Adria Airways Switzerland reserves the right to arrange for a flight to be operated on our behalf by an another carrier. For further information, please go to Terms and Conditions, §11 GTC.

What happens if I am late and / or miss my flight?

Passengers have to be at the boarding gate no later than the time indicated at the check-in desk. If there is a ‘late show’ Adria Airways Switzerland has the right to cancel the reservation and no refund will be given.

I am pregnant. Can I still fly?

- Until the week 28th a pregnant woman can fly without any medical permission.
- Starting from the week 28th until the week 36th a pregnant woman can fly only presenting a medical certificate stating that she is in good health and with the indication of the expected date of birth.
- Starting from the week 36 a pregnant woman cannot fly any more.

Do children go for less?

The discount conditions depend on the fares applied to adults. For further information, please contact our Call Centre.

Do you accept unaccompanied minors?

Depending on the age and the nationality of the minor, the presence of an adult might be mandatory. For further information, please go to Terms and Conditions §7 GTC.

Is there a special assistance service?

If you need special assistance for new born babies, unaccompanied children, pregnant women, or handicapped or other people needing special assistance, please inform our Call Centre when booking your flight.

What is the latest check-in time?

Lugano airport: up to 20 minutes prior to take-off.

Other airports: up to 45 minutes prior to take-off.

Where can I find information about airports served by Adria Airways Switzerland?

On the website www.adriaairways.ch link to “Our Destinations”.

How will I be told if there are changes to the flight I purchased?

Should a connecting flight be cancelled, if the booking was made via Internet, Call Centre or at our ticket office at Lugano Airport, Adria Airways Switzerland will tell you. If the booking was made via a travel agency, the agency will tell you.
The flight schedule may be subject to change, without prior notification. We therefore recommend checking your flight data a few days prior to departure, on the website www.adriaairways.ch

How can I find out about the Adria Airways Switzerland news and offers?

Subscribe to Adria Airways Switzerland News, Adria Airways Switzerland’s Newsletter, fill the form that is available on all our web site pages.

Are there any subscriptions?

Yes, there are. For further information visit the tab 'Our Products', on our homepage.

How does the Adria Airways Switzerland's fare system work?

The charging system of Adria Airways Switzerland is based on different classes of reservations in different levels of fees and follows the principle of "first to book, spends less."
Adria Airways Switzerlandcommunicates its all inclusive fares, including the cost of airport taxes and fuel surcharge in order to ensure maximum transparency of the promotional message