Summer 2017

Summer 2017 flights on sale now!

In 2017, you can choose from 5 different destinations on flights from Geneva, as too from Lugano and Zurich thanks to favourable connections*:

Fly direct from Geneva to  the chic and magical city of Biarritz on the Atlantic Coast from 28 April to 22 October.

Ibiza is the throbbing heart of European night life - fly direct from Geneva all year round, with extra flights from 29 March to 28 October, and from Lugano every Saturday from 3 June to 5 August.

Olbia with its crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches is perfect for both couples and families. We offer direct flights to the Costa Smeralda from 4 June to 17 September from both Lugano and Geneva.

Cagliari, home to the hidden and perhaps lesser-known Sardinia, is just two hours' flight from Geneva and Lugano, from 1 June to 21 September.

Brindisi: outstanding destination in Puglia, sourrounded by awesome sea and beautiful beaches, connected to Lugano thanks to direct flights every Sunday from 25 June to 6 August.

Brest: Facing the Atlantic Ocean is one of Europe’s loveliest and most romantic destinations – Brittany. Fly there every Thursday and Sunday from 6 July to 24 September on our direct Geneva-Brest flights.

Great connections from Zurich and Lugano make it so easy to visit Ibiza and Biarritz.



First flight

Last flight


29 March

28 October


28 April

22 October


4 June

17 September


1 June

21 September


6 July

24 September


(every Sunday, additional flights every Friday in July)

11 June

17 September


(every Saturday, additional flights every Wednesday in July)

10 June

16 September


(every Saturday)

3 June

5 August


(every Sunday)

25 June

6 August

*Flights are subject to change

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