The city of Brindisi is a must-see landmark for visitors to Salento. Founded on the Adriatic coast, the city once played an important commercial and cultural role given its proximity to the East. It was the final destination of one of the most important Roman roads, the Appian Way, as well as the starting point for the many ships that sailed eastward.

Brindisi, the provincial capital, has everything a tourist seeks in a well-rounded holiday. This location boasts a rich historical heritage and a wealth of breathtaking beautiful landscapes, with its expanse of beach and cliffs, crystal clear seas and a nightlife that caters to all ages.

The Archaeological Museum and the Romanesque churches, including the Baroque-style Cathedral, are just some of the fascinating historical attractions offered by the Apulian capital.

 The Brindisi coastline offers 20km of beach with clear and pristine seas which stretch all the way to Ostuni, known as the “White city", while tourists who prefer a rocky sea floor can carry on to the resort of Costa Merlata.

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