The Sardinian capital of Cagliari is situated at the centre of the Golfo degli Angeli (Gulf of Angels), in the south of the island. It is the island’s main economic, cultural and political hub. For centuries Cagliari’s natural port has been the entrance to this enchanting region and the meeting place of many diverse cultures. Yet, Cagliari has firmly held on to its traditions. Visit for the local folklore, its simple but refined cuisine – for example, the Mirto (myrtle) liqueur, Sardinian pecorino (a sheep’s cheese unique to the island), Seadas (a pastry desert filled with pecorino), crispy Carasau bread and local wines such as Cannonau. And last but not least, visit Cagliari to experience the hospitality of its people. Spread over seven hills, Cagliari is also a testimony to the passage of many different civilisations. Evidence of Roman civilisation can still be seen today with the impressive remains of the Amphitheatre, the Vipers’ Grotto (Grotta della Vipera) and Villa Tigelio.

The Cagliari region, and indeed the whole of Sardinia, offers a great variety of activities, so that even the most discerning tourist will find a holiday to suit their needs. As well as the sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, there are cruises, treks by mountain bike or on foot, gastronomic or archaeological trips, all in an ever varying and surprising countryside.

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