Have you visited Brittany yet? Come and discover it with us… Its landmark is the city of Brest, located in the far west of France. It is the country’s main naval base, which directly overlooks the sea.

The city was completely destroyed during the Second World War. Having been rebuilt from scratch, it now boasts post-war urban planning, characterised by strong buildings and straight roads, a fully renovated, forward-looking environment, partly thanks to building such as the Pont de l’Iroise, an imposing bridge that passes over the harbour. This is the region’s special feature, a natural bay, where you can enjoy long walks, savour the marine scent and admire the Atlantic Ocean.

Brest is famous for its museums: the Tanguy Tower Museum, the Marine Museum. Brest Castle is the oldest cultural attraction, along with the harbour, but the city also offers activities for children, who can visit Oceanopolis, the aquarium divided into different environments (undersea, temperate, tropical and polar).

The city’s nightlife is lively. The city centre offers tourists a wide selection of bars and restaurants, where they can eat delicious seafood, accompanied by French wine.

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