Please refer to the table shown below for information on the baggage allowance according to the fares.



Checked Baggage

Carry-On Baggage

Economy Light

Economy Deal

Checked baggage not included.
Available for CHF 35 / EUR 28 per piece, 23 kg max.

1 piece per person of 8 kg max.

Included on all routes and classes.

55 X 40 X 20

Economy Classic

Economy Saver

1 piece per person, 23 kg max, included.

Economy Flex

Premium Economy Classic

Premium Economy Flex

2 pieces per person, 32 kg max (each piece), included.


All the passengers travelling from and to Lugano are allowed 1 piece of checked in luggage, 23 kg max per person which is included in the fare price. All Economy Flex passengers on this route are entitled to carry 2 pieces of checked in luggage per person, each weighing at 32 kg max.

Luggage is not included on the Lugano-Rome route (direct flight) and vice versa, in Economy Deal and Economy Saver booking classes.

Liquids on board:

Hand Luggage:

As per the new regulations, all liquids being transported in the hand luggage can not surpass the maximum of 100 ml, if they exceed the allowed amount, they will consequently be confiscated.

All liquids must be packed in a transparent plastic bag, which must be shown separately to the security when going through the security check.

Checked luggage:

Other liquids can be carried in the checked baggage. However, for technical safety reasons, the quantity must not exceed 2 liters.

Duty Free:

All items purchased in Duty Free must remain sealed in the security bag provided at the time of purchase.

Other Regulations:

For information on the specific items that passengers are not permitted to carry on board or in their checked luggage, please refer click here.


Security will confiscate any object considered dangerous.

The above dispositions also apply to objects purchased at the airport.

Etihad Regional is not responsible for any of the confiscated items.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 regulations

Baggage, no problem:

If a piece of baggage is misguided, the Lost & Found office at your arrival airport is in charge of the tracing process. Please report the loss or damage of your baggage immediately after your arrival.

More info, please refer click here.